Welcome to the family!

*Phew* It’s been a really hectic 2 weeks ever since I last posted something.

On 9 January, we welcomed a new addition to the family with the birth of our second daughter, Gabrielle. She came out on a Sunday at 4:25pm, weighing 3.0kg exactly. The photo below was taken about 20 mins after she came out:

My mother brought Gloria to visit us at the hospital the next day and she was really excited to meet her new sister at last! The picture below says it all 🙂

Since then, it’s been a sleepless week for my wife and I as Gabrielle is more active in the wee hours! She sleeps for long periods during the day and is very active after midnight.. why oh why..

Gabrielle looks just like her elder sister Gloria when she sleeps. But when her eyes are open, they are larger than Gloria’s. Gabrielle has more hair at birth too.

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